We have additional plans such as empty-handed BBQ plan and tent sauna plan that are perfect for creating special memories.

Wild vegetable picking experience (until 5/31)
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Tent sauna

A high-quality tent sauna that will make you love saunas!
Let us handle everything from installing the sauna to starting the fire and removing it!
After enjoying the sauna in Niseko, a nature with delicious air, relax in a villa for rent.

[set content]
・ Tent sauna, bench ・ Firewood for 3 hours (Additional firewood is also available)
・ Laureu set (bucket, cassotte)
・ Light up (only at night)
・ Towel * Please leave the setting and tidying up to our staff.

15,000 yen a day

Reservation form TEL: 090-9752-4727

Empty-handed BBQ

Two sets of BBQ ingredients are available.
BBQ equipment is provided in the lodge, so feel free to lightly enjoy a slightly more luxurious BBQ than usual. Delivery to other locations is also possible, so please contact us.

A set-4 kinds of meat. BBQ set of seasonal vegetables and seafood ~

This is a special BBQ set prepared by the chef of Cutina Italiana SWELL.

In the Contents

● Beef and barley pork chunks ● Chicken and lamb confit ● Seafood and seasonal vegetable skewers ● Original sauce

5000 yen/person (reservation for 4 people)
The photo is for 4 to 6 people.

The meat is cooked at low temperature, so it is tender and juicy. Please enjoy with the chef's special sauce that matches each ingredient.

Reservation form TEL: 090-9752-4727

B set - BBQ set of Rusutsu pork and seasonal vegetables

The ply of Rusutsu pork of the animal husbandry was made into a BBQ set.

In the Contents

Rumjuto pork rose
Rumjuto hormone
Sagari from Rusuto
Seasoned lamb
Vegetable set

3500 yen/person (reservation for 4 people)
One plate in the photo is for two people.

Rusutsu pork is a pork with good fat. Please enjoy it with a lot of vegetables.

Reservation form TEL: 090-9752-4727

Wild vegetable picking experience tour

Masters of edible wild plants will teach you how to find and pick edible wild plants, so even beginners are okay ♪
Depending on the time of year, we will take you to a point where you can meet various wild plants such as garlic, udo, and bamboo shoots.
Even if you can't get it, we are waiting for you to prepare small souvenirs such as pickled garlic in soy sauce.

・ Wild vegetable picking tour (4 hours ~)

[Clothing / belongings]
・ Long sleeves, long pants, hats, boots / drinks, towels * Scissors and work gloves used for the experience are available here.

[Price / Participation conditions]
1 person 3,000 yen Elementary school student 2,000 yen

4 people ~ (minimum price 10,000 yen)
Those who can walk on slopes and bamboo bushes.
Those who are elementary school students or older.

Reservation form TEL: 090-9752-4727

Wood stove experience

You can experience it at NISEKO RIKYU.

You can relax while surrounding the wood-burning stove in the deep snow.
Even beginners can rest assured that we will teach you the know-how of wood stoves.
Please take this opportunity to experience Niseko's mountain life.

[set content]
・ A set of firewood and ignition agent ・ Instruction for handling the wood stove (about 15 minutes at check-in) * Required

10,000 yen a day

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