BBQ Ingredients Set

Two sets of BBQ ingredients are available.
BBQ equipment is provided in the lodge, so feel free to lightly enjoy a slightly more luxurious BBQ than usual. Delivery to other locations is also possible, so please contact us.

A set - 4 kinds of meat. BBQ set of seasonal vegetables and seafood

This is a special BBQ set prepared by the chef of Cutina Italiana SWELL.

In the Contents

A lump of beef and wheat pork
The confefi of chickens and lambs
Seafood and seasonal vegetables

5000 yen/person (reservation for 4 people)
The photo is for 4 to 6 people.

The meat is cooked at low temperature, so it is soft and juicy. Serve with the chef's special dressing to match each ingredient.

Reservation TEL: 090-9752-4727

B set - BBQ set of Rusutsu pork and seasonal vegetables

The ply of Rusutsu pork of the animal husbandry was made into a BBQ set.

In the Contents

Rumjuto pork rose
Rumjuto hormone
Sagari from Rusuto
Seasoned lamb
Vegetable set

3500 yen/person (reservation for 4 people)
One plate in the photo is for two people.

Rusutsu pork is a pork with good fat. Please enjoy it with a lot of vegetables.

Reservation TEL: 090-9752-4727

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