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About Us WeCorporation (band)

We are a company established mainly in the Niseko area in 2018. Based on restaurant management and accommodation management, we are engaged in a wide range of projects such as event planning and human resource development. We operate with the following missions:

I want to know more about Niseko.

Niseko, Hokkaido. Nearby is Mt. Yoteizan, a dokyu volcano. The slopes of Niseko Annupuri Mountain are home to ski resorts such as Niseko Mountain Resort Gran Hirafu, and are loved by many as one of the world's best ski resorts and hot springs. Rafting in the rapids of the white shiri beechuan river and golfing while looking out at the beautiful mountains are also popular.

Connecting the people of Niseko

Our job is to respect local culture and protect and nurture the rich environment that is the foundation of local communities, such as communities, people, nature, and food. We are developing a business that can create people's exchanges and allow visitors to Niseko to experience its richness. We create the future of local communities in total, from regional branding to planning and management of specialty products, planning and management of promotional events, and human resource development.

Connecting Niseko and the World


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